Lipstick Gadgets

25 Feb

With all the bad news about assault, rape and murders these days, it’s hard to feel safe when you’re walking home alone at night. That’s why there are some feminine looking gadgets which will protect you from any attacker.

These self-defence weapons seem like normal lipsticks, but inside it is something completely different!

Note: stun guns and pepper spray are illegal in the UK.

Lipstick pepper spray

Who would think that this lipstick case would hold pepper spray? It looks innocent, but it sure isn’t. As soon as you spray it in someone’s eyes, he or she will forget about attacking you and trying to find a relief for the pain.


Lipstick stun gun

This rechargeable stun gun with safety cord is a good example of modern women’s self defence. It is available in multiple colours, and comes with a flashlight. (We’re not sure why a flashlight would be useful when you’re being attacked, but it’s a nice feature.) This lipstick sized stun gun produces 350,000 volt.


These gadgets are not available in the UK because they are illegal, but it sure shows us what self defence looks like in the 21st century. Maybe it will be available in the future, but for now we’ll enjoy the following, less harmful gadgets!

Lipstick Pen

You’ll never wonder which pen is yours with this lipstick pen. It sure looks like a lipstick, but we don’t recommend you using it to colour your lips with.
Available from £1.94 at






Lipstick voice recorder

This might look like an ordinary make-up kit to you, but don’t be fooled. The lipstick can be used as a voice recorder up to 8 seconds. It comes with a mirror and fake eyeliner to keep everyone fooled. It would be quite useful, if it would record more than 8 seconds. Plus, the minimum order quantity is 5000.
Available at Price unknown

Mood lipstick

We’re not quite sure what to think of this but it is surely inventive. This lipstick works just like a mood ring, but then on your lips! It does not say the colours, but guessing by the wrapping, it goes from green to purple. At least your outfit never gets boring…

Available at Price unknown.


2 Responses to “Lipstick Gadgets”

  1. Solid-State Sound Design February 25, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    these self defence weapons will do more harm than good. how many women will forget it’s not real lipstick and end up fucking their faces up. also i dont fully understand the concept, i understand a need for lipstick and i understand a self defence need, but why combine the two? i dnt think the attacker would be impressed by the lipstick. it wont work to cover up its real use from an attacker cos if u went to go in ur bag when a rapist attacks he is going to assume its a weapon regardless of any plea that it would be to touch up ur lippy before being raped!?!?! bizzare but interesting. none of these products will be massively profitable regardless. please any women that would honestly buy these let me know. so i can slap u myself!


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