Top 5 Girly Phones

25 Feb

Pink phones are very popular these days. They’re so cool, trendy and… pink! That’s why we’re introducing the 5 most popular pink but actually decent phones. Click for more info and a short description of each phone. Tells us which one you like the most and why!

1.HTC Hero Pink
HTC Hero Pink

HTC Hero was already highly appreciated when it was first launched in black and white, but when this polished touchscreen beauty went pink, it went straight to the top on all the technology and geek websites! LadyGadget loves this phone.

Pros: extremely customisable interface and amazing features.

Cons: no video calling, FM radio nor camera flash.

You can get it either for free on a pay monthly contract or from 270£.

Blackberry Curve 93002. Blackberry 9300 Pink

The Blackberry 9300 has always been a popular choice since its release in 2009. Its impressive functionality and uncomplicated software just makes everything so easy. You could say it’s almost like an upgrade of its predecessors so if you have always liked Blackberry this is the new hit. Now available in smoky violet too! Click here for a review.

Pros: Slim and compact, WiFi and GPS.

Cons: It doesn’t have a flash and also lacks autofocus.

3. LG KS360 Pink

Already out for more than three years and we still love this phone! The first LG’s handset with a QWERTY keyboard, the LGKS360 is perfect for keen texters or emailers. The key feature of the LG KS360 is its slide-out keypad.

You can dial directly from the touchscreen user interface without having to open up the slide. The greatest thing about this phone is that if you don’t get on with touchscreens there’s no need to worry since navigation is mostly done

Pros: Cheap! (available from 10£ on monthly deals), 2MP camera, MP3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth and a memory card slot.

Cons: the lack of features and no flash on the camera.

Nokia C3 Pink4. Nokia C3 Pink

This hot pink Nokia smartphone is, like any other Nokia, so simple and cute. It really is the ‘affordable version of a Blackberry’ and a messaging phone. The QWERTY keyboard is just perfect. And good news for the chatty girls: it has a battery which can last for 8 hours of talktime!

Pros: MP3 player, brilliant QWERTY keyboard, excellent value for the money (best price: 70£).

Cons: it might get slow sometimes or/and freeze!

5. Alcatel OT-808

This bright pink budget phone immediately impressed us right away for its original design. Square, compact and with a very practical keyboard, this ladyphone also has a fair range of apps like the MP3 player. Don’t set your expectations too high in terms of social networking aspects though… no 3G!

Pros: quirky and flip design and worth the money for a budget handset! (available for only 50£)

Cons: the camera is not the best and navigation on the web is not the most pleasant.


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