Top 5 Accessories for mobile phones

4 Mar

For us girls, just a mobile phone is not enough. We want to ‘pimp it’ with accessories to make it even look nicer. Luckily there are enough options to choose from, and here are our favourites.

1. Lipgloss phone charm

With this mini lipgloss from Bourjois, you will never have a lip-crisis again. You can attach it to your mobile phone, and a quick retouch-on-the-go has never been easier.

There’s also a mini-mirror available from Bourjois, so you can immediately check it.

Available here from £6.12.

2. Glitter iPhone case

There are so many iPhones around these days, but with this sparkling case, yours will definitely stand out from the crowd. If the pink sparkle is not for you, there are loads of other options available. From plain silver to tiger print glitters.

Available here from £4.95.

3. ‘Keep calm and carry on’ Blackberry case

Here at LadyGadget we love London, and adore this ‘keep calm and carry on’-Blackberry case. Instead of a plain colour case, this cover represents your love for the city and will make you stand out from the rest.

Available here from £4.99.

4. Phone socks

If you want to match your phone with your mood, these socks are perfect for you. They come in a pack of six. Are you in a girly mood? Pink. Sunny day? Yellow. Six colours to match how you feel. And the ones you’re not using you can use for your iPod.

Available here from £1.49.

5. HTC pink flip case

For the ones of you who have a HTC and want to protect the whole phone, rather than the back, this flip case is perfect. You can protect your screen, and use the phone without having to get the phone out of a sock all the time. Also available in different colours.

Available here from £4.99.


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