Gadgets for girls?

9 Mar

Visit the ‘Girls’ section on the majority of gadget blogs all you’ll find is vibrators, dildos and general sauciness.

Are we really the nymphomaniac’s that these male-led blogs seem to think we are?

Obviously that’s not what Lady Gadget Blog is all about, which is why we decided to investigate. We asked around, how many of our friends have/use sex toys, who wants to, and who doesn’t. Either way, the way we’re being represented as a sex does not seem to reflect the real world.

First of all, it was a task to find any girls who actually have any clue about sex toys, then getting someone to talk about it, well that was another thing, we ladies are a lot coyer than guys seem to think we are.

Here’s what a friend of ours (who’d rather remain anonymous) told us about her experience with all things smutty.

“I’ve tried a dildo, it hurt, and they’re always way too big! It’s definitely a myth that size matters, you can’t substitute the real thing for a toy. They should come with a warning sign. I had a wave, it was horrible; rock-solid and huge, I hated it.”

Cock rings–  “well some can look quite scary. They don’t tend to make as much as a difference as some might say. They’re just another thing to worry about I think.”

Bullets– “they’re good if that’s your sort of thing, but it’s definitely not mine. They’re discreet and everything, but why you’ll ever need to carry one around in your handbag with you is beyond me. You’ve got to be a nympho to want it that much.”

Flavoured condoms and lubricants– “they don’t really appeal to me, the ones I’ve tasted were disgusting.”

We’re sure there are ladies out there who love that sort of thing….. we just couldn’t find any.


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