Arcade Fire

16 Mar

At Lady Gadget Blog we are firm believers that technology should not just be confined to the home or your pockets, so we decided to a take a trip out to the big wide world (Central London) and see what we could discover for ourselves.

We ended up at the Trocadero centre in Picadilly Circus where ‘Funland’ has become a Mecca for geeky teenage boys. This is more a revisit of our wasted youth than a technology update.

Now, we’ve had something of a video-arcade- game phobia since we watched Tron, but in the name of research, somehow managed to overcome it.

We had a go on Guitar hero where we played Coldplay on Easy so as not to embarrass ourselves too much, still got a bit carried away though. Then we went on a generic (or so we thought) racing game which turned out to be a more fun with a moving  seat(!) Next was a zombie shooting game, which had so much story that I only managed to shoot about 5 zombies before the time ran out. Jockey Club really brought the outdoors inside, with a genuine (plastic) horse; however, I’m pretty sure I looked like a complete fool. Sadly I wasn’t the winner of the Grand National, never mind, practice makes perfect.  The last one we went on was a simulator, sadly we were unable to film due to safety restrictions, though it wouldn’t have been much use as our screams were deafening.

£15 later, we emerged, feeling  a little less rich, but a lot more enriched…well until the adrenaline wore off.


One Response to “Arcade Fire”

  1. Madalena Araujo March 18, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    Love it!!! 🙂

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