New Pentax Optio RS1500 sets your imagination free

18 Mar

Pentax has just unveiled the prettiest budget compact camera, the new colourful Optio RS1500. It’s not even event out yet and we’re already loving it!

It’s such an original alternative, which enables you to match the three different lens rings to match your different designs. The camera comes with a selection of 10 pre-design skins, and a pack of five pre-cut paper foils for users to create their own designs and personalise their camera however they want.

This is not the first time Pentax presents us with delightful wicked designs, having recently released a revamped version of its Pintax K-r, called the K-r Bonnie Pink Model. As for the camera itself, it gives you a 14-megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom and HD video recording – all of this for only £90!

So if you’re already desperate to get your new pentax, you’re going to have to wait until it hits the shops by the end of the month!


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