A sneak peek of the new Nintendo 3DS at HMV

21 Mar

Today we went to the HMV store in Piccadilly Circus to play around with the yet to be released 3D Nintendo. Our goal was to show you a video of one of us experimenting it, but unfortunately, due to store policies, we weren’t able to do it. Nevertheless, we turned into fashionable geeks and tried it out for some time. Trust us, it won’t disappoint you.

Let’s make something clear. When saying that it’s 3D, you can be 100% sure that it’s true and guess what? You won’t need to wear those massive glasses that would only get in the way of you having fun. So, we just had the chance of experimenting the preloaded games and apps, which included taking 3D photos, wireless web connectivity and the awesome Target Shooting 2! The main point with this game is for you to adjust the top screen and shoot at the right targets. As you go along, it’ll get harder, but in general it’s quite easy and fun, mainly because you are able to see virtual objects as if they were something real!

What we also noticed was that it seemed quite resistant for such a fragile piece of technology. Also, the two adjustable 3D cameras in the front will let take photos of you and your girlfriends while enjoying the new darling of the console world.

However, there’s always a but in the middle of so much greatness. If you have the chance of testing it, you might notice that the upper screen seems slightly small for so much 3D action. We had the notion that instead of being something functional and practical, you have to pay attention to a lot of details at the same time, including the not so clean design of the console. Also, the price isn’t the most friendly. This baby will cost you, at least, £197. You can get better offers though, such as Amazon UK or the store GAME.

Overall, it’s a very cool gadget and they give you the chance of picking between six different colours. For us the best thing is the fact that you feel like you’re inside the game with all its reality 3D abilities. Plus, just look at the video on the top of the post. How amazing won’t Super Mario be? Get ready to become addicted miladies!



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