Case study

21 Mar

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad…well quite frankly we’re extremely jealous. We wont hold that against you, in fact we will offer you some advice; buy yourself a case to protect it, the last thing you want is to scratch up that beautiful piece of technology.

Luckily for us ladies, almost every important designer has created iPad cases for the style savvy.

Here’s our top 5 to prove that fashion and function can go hand in hand.

1. Marc Jacobs– okay so this is cheating as this is actually sold as a laptop case but the small size means that

it is perfect for the iPad.

2. Burberry– this beautiful embossed leather iPad case is durable and not obviously Burberry, therefore no chavvy connotations.

3. Smythson The makers of the best stationary have created this moc-croc case. If you’re in to matchy- matchy,then you can get a notepad, blackberry case and business card holder in the same design.

4. Vivienne Westwood– The Queen of British design has crafted this in her iconic tartan print, while the orb sits resplendent in the centre. Sadly it doesn’t come in any other colours…

5. Ted BakerThis rather fetching quilted patent case comes in 3 different colours and buying it won’t break the bank.


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