Snap away with these apps for the iPhone

21 Mar

At Lady Gadget, we love the iPhone and the apps that come with it.
A few weeks ago we posted about the top apps. However, we also very much love camera apps for the iPhone, and here are our favourites!


With this app you can take digital photos with a very analogue look. The app looks like a proper retro camera, and with just one swipe of a finger you can change lenses, film rolls and flash settings.

This app really makes taking photos exciting again, because of the unpredictability of the photo. It can turn out completely different than you expected, and almost gives you the feeling of picking your photos up at the photo store and seeing them for the first time.

If you like this, we recommend the app retro camera as well, which is slightly less arty than Hipstamatic. Therefore it really gives you the disposable camera feeling.

Hipstamatic is available on iTunes for £0.59.

100 cameras in 1

With this app you take a normal photo, and afterwards you can change it many different ways. There are lots of effects, and by combining effects you produce amazing and unique photos.

Funny about this app are the names of the effects. Examples are: ‘Around 3 a.m. when things really got crazy’, ‘When I was dirty and you laughed’ and ‘The first smell of summer chlorine’. These names give the app a funny edge, and we can play with the effects for hours.

100 cameras in 1 is available on iTunes for £0.59.

Fat booth

Whereas the other apps are for cool effects and arty photos, this app is to have a laugh with your friends. It is very easy in use: take a photo of your friend and make him/her fat. It looks incredibly real and laughing is guaranteed.

Do you like this app? Try Age My Face as well, which makes you look old instead of making you fat.

Fat booth is available on iTunes for £0.59.


Instagram is a social media-based photo app. The app has, just like 100 cameras in 1, different filters which allows you to put effects on your photos after you’ve taken them. Whereas with 100 cameras in 1 you can post the photos to your social media profiles, Instagram has its own social media network.

The app has 11 filters and five tabs: the Feed tab, the Popular tab, the Share tab, the News tab and the @you tab. On the feed tab you get to see the photos of the people you follow, just like the news feed on Facebook. The popular tab displays the 32 photos that the app itself chose as the best photos of the moment. The share tab is for sharing, and this is where you can apply the filters to your photos and upload them. You can compare the news tab with the notifications on Facebook. That’s where you see if someone commented on your photos or liked any of them. The @you tab is your profile. Here you can edit your profile, access your friends and find new ones.

For photo geeks with a love for social media, this app is really nice and we’d definitely recommend it! And the best thing? It’s completely free!

Instagram is available on iTunes.

360 panorama

There are a lot of panorama apps out there, but according to us, this is the best. Whereas the other panorama apps are cheaper, this one is better in use, and we choose quality over cheapness. The good thing about this app is that you can immediately share on Twitter or email the photos to your friends. Visit CNET to read more about this app.

350 panorama is available on iTunes for £1.19.


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