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A sneak peek of the new Nintendo 3DS at HMV

21 Mar

Today we went to the HMV store in Piccadilly Circus to play around with the yet to be released 3D Nintendo. Our goal was to show you a video of one of us experimenting it, but unfortunately, due to store policies, we weren’t able to do it. Nevertheless, we turned into fashionable geeks and tried it out for some time. Trust us, it won’t disappoint you. Continue reading


Bringing back the oldies!

18 Mar

Imagine if you could fit your face in one of those old school yearbooks. Yes, those where you have the vintage photos, with the weird hairstyles, the ones that come from the perfect 50s or the punk rock 80s. Well, if you like to take fabulous photos of yourself, you can now use them and make your own yearbook photo with Yearbook Yourself.

This addictive website allows you to upload anyone’s picture and get different backgrounds from different decades. It’s very simple and easy to use, also because you can adjust your face to fit perfectly on the frame. You’re able to save it or even share it with friends on Facebook. We, the Ladies, can’t say it’s useful, but it’s incredibly funny! By the way, how do you like our examples above? Have fun yearbooking, just like we had!


Top 5 ladylike cameras

12 Mar
When it comes to cameras, you know it’s an essential accessory in your purse. Apart from the fact that you can turn photography into something fun, you’ll want your technological BFF to be colourful, sparkly and sophisticated.
Here at Lady Gadget, we are very fond of our cameras and always use it for a night out or a special Kodak moment. So here are our top choices!

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft’s femme fatale

4 Mar

Last October in Barcelona, Microsoft decided to launch a fierce competitor against the iPhone: the mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.

The quirky smartphone was partnered with Nokia in the beginning of 2011, making it one of the most stylish and innovative phones of the year! Continue reading

iPad 2 unveiled!

3 Mar

Because we, here at Lady Gadget, want all our readers to be up-to-date, here is a little treat: yesterday, the tech giant, Apple, introduced to the world the new tablet, iPad 2. Over the past few weeks, the buzz and speculation around the launch of this new gadget was immense. Finally, Steve Jobs decided to please the audience with the new model at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Continue reading

Au Revoir Simone: Musical-box little girls

25 Feb

Au Revoir Simone was born in 2003, during a train journey where the three, soft voiced members realised that they had a common wish: creating a keyboard band. Since then, the New York trio included in each of their albums an indie, independent style.

Their last one, Still Night, Still Light, brings tracks like All or Nothing and Knight of Wands. Both call to mind soft lullabies in a bubbly electronic style. Continue reading