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Snap away with these apps for the iPhone

21 Mar

At Lady Gadget, we love the iPhone and the apps that come with it.
A few weeks ago we posted about the top apps. However, we also very much love camera apps for the iPhone, and here are our favourites!

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Happy Birthday!

18 Mar

We wish Apple a happy birthday on the 10th anniversary of the iPod! And a happy 5th birthday to Twitter!
To us, it seems like yesterday that we heard about Twitter and the first iPod. They are both doing so well, and we can’t imagine them not being around! Best wishes from Lady Gadget!

N64 Review

11 Mar

There have been so many game consoles over the past few years, and the newest trend is wireless gaming, like Xbox kinect, and Playstation Move.

However, at Lady Gadget we prefer the old school games, with simple graphics and easy-to-play games. The next video will show you how much fun we have when playing the Nintendo 64. Hope you enjoy!

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10 Mar

Are you surfing the web everyday to your favourite blogs? Here at Lady Gadget, we sure do! Recently, we found a website that gives you an immediate overview of all your favourite blogs. It’s called Bloglovin’, and we love it!

You could compare it to Twitter, but instead of following people, you follow blogs. You sign up, and search for your favourite blogs which you can then follow. As soon as one of the blogs has a new post, it shows on your homepage and you can scroll through all your blogs at once. We tried it for a week, and here is our view on it!

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Top 5 Accessories for mobile phones

4 Mar

For us girls, just a mobile phone is not enough. We want to ‘pimp it’ with accessories to make it even look nicer. Luckily there are enough options to choose from, and here are our favourites.

1. Lipgloss phone charm

With this mini lipgloss from Bourjois, you will never have a lip-crisis again. You can attach it to your mobile phone, and a quick retouch-on-the-go has never been easier.

There’s also a mini-mirror available from Bourjois, so you can immediately check it.

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Lipstick Gadgets

25 Feb

With all the bad news about assault, rape and murders these days, it’s hard to feel safe when you’re walking home alone at night. That’s why there are some feminine looking gadgets which will protect you from any attacker.

These self-defence weapons seem like normal lipsticks, but inside it is something completely different!

Note: stun guns and pepper spray are illegal in the UK.

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