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A sneak peek of the new Nintendo 3DS at HMV

21 Mar

Today we went to the HMV store in Piccadilly Circus to play around with the yet to be released 3D Nintendo. Our goal was to show you a video of one of us experimenting it, but unfortunately, due to store policies, we weren’t able to do it. Nevertheless, we turned into fashionable geeks and tried it out for some time. Trust us, it won’t disappoint you. Continue reading


New Pentax Optio RS1500 sets your imagination free

18 Mar

Pentax has just unveiled the prettiest budget compact camera, the new colourful Optio RS1500. It’s not even event out yet and we’re already loving it!

It’s such an original alternative, which enables you to match the three different lens rings to match your different designs. The camera comes with a selection of 10 pre-design skins, and a pack of five pre-cut paper foils for users to create their own designs and personalise their camera however they want. Continue reading

N64 Review

11 Mar

There have been so many game consoles over the past few years, and the newest trend is wireless gaming, like Xbox kinect, and Playstation Move.

However, at Lady Gadget we prefer the old school games, with simple graphics and easy-to-play games. The next video will show you how much fun we have when playing the Nintendo 64. Hope you enjoy!

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Gadgets for girls?

9 Mar

Visit the ‘Girls’ section on the majority of gadget blogs all you’ll find is vibrators, dildos and general sauciness.

Are we really the nymphomaniac’s that these male-led blogs seem to think we are?

Obviously that’s not what Lady Gadget Blog is all about, which is why we decided to investigate. We asked around, how many of our friends have/use sex toys, who wants to, and who doesn’t. Either way, the way we’re being represented as a sex does not seem to reflect the real world.

First of all, it was a task to find any girls who actually have any clue about sex toys, then getting someone to talk about it, well that was another thing, we ladies are a lot coyer than guys seem to think we are.

Here’s what a friend of ours (who’d rather remain anonymous) told us about her experience with all things smutty.

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Which smartphone are you?

4 Mar

We’ve all seen the ‘I’m a PC’ Microsoft ad, so here is our take on it!

We went to find out for ourselves what is the most popular phone and it looks like the Blackberry is the hit phone among London students at the moment. What do you think? Which smartphone are you?

iPad 2 unveiled!

3 Mar

Because we, here at Lady Gadget, want all our readers to be up-to-date, here is a little treat: yesterday, the tech giant, Apple, introduced to the world the new tablet, iPad 2. Over the past few weeks, the buzz and speculation around the launch of this new gadget was immense. Finally, Steve Jobs decided to please the audience with the new model at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

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Top apps for girls on top

1 Mar

As the proud owner of an iPhone 4, I am obsessed with downloading the newest and best apps, so here’s my tips for the best ones out there right now.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express– for touch ups on a touch screen

This app allows you to crop, straighten, flip, soft focus as well as change the exposure, saturation, tint and contrast all in a tap of a few buttons (metaphorical buttons as it’s a touch screen)

2. Addison Lee– when you can’t face the night bus

This enables you to order a cab, gives you the price, (also with the nifty option of paying by card) time of arrival as well as the licence plate of the car so that you’ll never be stuck for a lift home.

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