Top 5 ladylike cameras

12 Mar
When it comes to cameras, you know it’s an essential accessory in your purse. Apart from the fact that you can turn photography into something fun, you’ll want your technological BFF to be colourful, sparkly and sophisticated.
Here at Lady Gadget, we are very fond of our cameras and always use it for a night out or a special Kodak moment. So here are our top choices!

Google launches Japan Person Finder for quake victims

11 Mar

Google has just launched a version of its Person Finder service for the victims of today’s Japanese massive earthquake, the most powerful in Japan, since records began.

Any one looking for a missing person or with information can now use the Japanese Quake Person Finder, which has already more than 7,200 records. The system works as a directory and message board so people can look for their relatives or friends, or post a note informing that they’re safe. Continue reading

N64 Review

11 Mar

There have been so many game consoles over the past few years, and the newest trend is wireless gaming, like Xbox kinect, and Playstation Move.

However, at Lady Gadget we prefer the old school games, with simple graphics and easy-to-play games. The next video will show you how much fun we have when playing the Nintendo 64. Hope you enjoy!

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10 Mar

Are you surfing the web everyday to your favourite blogs? Here at Lady Gadget, we sure do! Recently, we found a website that gives you an immediate overview of all your favourite blogs. It’s called Bloglovin’, and we love it!

You could compare it to Twitter, but instead of following people, you follow blogs. You sign up, and search for your favourite blogs which you can then follow. As soon as one of the blogs has a new post, it shows on your homepage and you can scroll through all your blogs at once. We tried it for a week, and here is our view on it!

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Gadgets for girls?

9 Mar

Visit the ‘Girls’ section on the majority of gadget blogs all you’ll find is vibrators, dildos and general sauciness.

Are we really the nymphomaniac’s that these male-led blogs seem to think we are?

Obviously that’s not what Lady Gadget Blog is all about, which is why we decided to investigate. We asked around, how many of our friends have/use sex toys, who wants to, and who doesn’t. Either way, the way we’re being represented as a sex does not seem to reflect the real world.

First of all, it was a task to find any girls who actually have any clue about sex toys, then getting someone to talk about it, well that was another thing, we ladies are a lot coyer than guys seem to think we are.

Here’s what a friend of ours (who’d rather remain anonymous) told us about her experience with all things smutty.

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Which smartphone are you?

4 Mar

We’ve all seen the ‘I’m a PC’ Microsoft ad, so here is our take on it!

We went to find out for ourselves what is the most popular phone and it looks like the Blackberry is the hit phone among London students at the moment. What do you think? Which smartphone are you?

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft’s femme fatale

4 Mar

Last October in Barcelona, Microsoft decided to launch a fierce competitor against the iPhone: the mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.

The quirky smartphone was partnered with Nokia in the beginning of 2011, making it one of the most stylish and innovative phones of the year! Continue reading