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New Pentax Optio RS1500 sets your imagination free

18 Mar

Pentax has just unveiled the prettiest budget compact camera, the new colourful Optio RS1500. It’s not even event out yet and we’re already loving it!

It’s such an original alternative, which enables you to match the three different lens rings to match your different designs. The camera comes with a selection of 10 pre-design skins, and a pack of five pre-cut paper foils for users to create their own designs and personalise their camera however they want. Continue reading


Google launches Japan Person Finder for quake victims

11 Mar

Google has just launched a version of its Person Finder service for the victims of today’s Japanese massive earthquake, the most powerful in Japan, since records began.

Any one looking for a missing person or with information can now use the Japanese Quake Person Finder, which has already more than 7,200 records. The system works as a directory and message board so people can look for their relatives or friends, or post a note informing that they’re safe. Continue reading

Which smartphone are you?

4 Mar

We’ve all seen the ‘I’m a PC’ Microsoft ad, so here is our take on it!

We went to find out for ourselves what is the most popular phone and it looks like the Blackberry is the hit phone among London students at the moment. What do you think? Which smartphone are you?

Quora, the new amazing social network

25 Feb

You’re probably thinking: oh no, not another social media platform trying to take over! Except that Quora is actually useful, accessible and smart. You sign up, ask a question and then other users answer according to their knowledge, experience and opinions. Continue reading

Top 5 Girly Phones

25 Feb

Pink phones are very popular these days. They’re so cool, trendy and… pink! That’s why we’re introducing the 5 most popular pink but actually decent phones. Click for more info and a short description of each phone. Tells us which one you like the most and why!

Continue reading